This is definitely one of the best news to ever come out of the industry. The growth of Nollywood in cinemas can’t be denied. If people aren’t making money, they won’t be making more films but transparency has been a major issue. People declare box office figures all the time but how do we know it’s the truth and why should we care. There are lots of reasons to care: 1. The producers can fully understand how their films are performing and Re-strategize marketing. 2. Investors can verify for themselves production houses that have made successful films and plan future collaborations 3. The public can decide to support a film they feel deserves more than it’s getting. These are just a few of many. Today, the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN); a body comprising all the cinema owners in the country headed by Patrick Lee of Ozone cinemas have released a web link to box office figures. The website is

This is in partnership with COMSCORE, an international media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises; media and advertising agencies; and publishers.

Now to explain the table above. Rank: the position a film currently holds in cinema Title: the title of the movie Distributor: the movies distributor in Nigeria Studio: the studio behind the film. All Nigerian films show as Nollywood though Week: the number of weeks the film has spent in cinema prior to the release date of the comscore report Locs: locations (number of cinemas) Week Gross Naira: money made by the film in the last week before comscore report %: how much the film has appreciated or depreciated in gains Avg/Loc: that’s the average money made per cinema for the week Week Adm: total number of tickets sold for the week Flash Cume Rev: total money made by the film currently (as at time of comscore report) Flash cume adm: total number of film tickets sold currently (as at the time of comscore report) There you go. It will be updated weekly and all cinemas are involved. I’m glad this is happening. Can’t wait to see how the year ends. And yes Chief Daddy is leading right now. Time for you to go see it in cinemas 😚😚😚 If you’ve really enjoyed this post and want to support the blog… send a donation however small to: If in Nigeria, GTBank Account name: Omoniyi Akinmolayan Account Number: 0011224034 If Outside Nigeria (dollars) GTBank Account name: Omoniyi Akinmolayan Account Number: 0210360414 Bank Swift Code: GTBINGLA let me know who you are so i can send my thank yous. email

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