lets make a doc together

lets make a doc together

Alright guys!

Trust me, you guys put me into an emotional state in just trying to decide what teams to get through to the final phase of the #docwithniyi

However, interestingly you guys also got me at one of my most vulnerable state where I had to devise a strategy that will enable a lot more people – if not everyone – stand a chance to benefit something from this experience.

The boot camp has been fixed for 9-11th June, 2017. The workshop aspect of the camp will be streamed live on Facebook and/or instagram (@AnthillStudios1) kindly stay updated with us across our social media platforms.

If your team wasn’t selected and you were among the top 10, you are automatically invited for the Saturday session. If you made a video pitch at all and still want to be part of the saturday workshop, send an email to the addresses at the end of the post

I believe that the guest participants and the live stream options available are our own way to show how much we want everyone to be a part of the program. And these platforms confirms that if I was rich enough, everyone will be at the boot camp.

One more surprise. We have three fantastic filmmakers coming to facilitate the Saturday Workshop: Tope Oshin, Abba Makama and Tolu Ajayi. They will showcase their work and you will get a chance to talk to them.

Tope Oshin, Abba Makama and Tolu Ajayi will facilitate the Saturday Workshop

Tope Oshin, Abba Makama and Tolu Ajayi will facilitate the Saturday Workshop

Now let me shut up and make the big announcement!!

The 5 teams that have been selected for #docwithniyi are Team Elixir, Team Alpha, Team Camcraze, Team P cube and Team Impact.

5 teamsCalm down guys!

Nothing stops the rest of you from going all out to make your documentaries – to have conceived the idea in the first place is all the proof you need to motivate you go ahead and just do it.

For the other 5 groups: Team Humane, Team Soul, Team Dermatotis, Team GSpot and Team Energy, if you proceed toward making a documentary out of the idea you have pitched within 3 months, Anthill Studios will sponsor the post production of your documentaries at our own running cost. But you have to produce your documentaries within the 3 month deadline given.

I hold a strong believe that the opportunity to team up with other likeminded people have helped build a bond that if taken very seriously will pioneer very big things in the media/film industry and I personally look forward to all the prospects and possibilities.

The location for the boot camp will be sent in an email to the participants. For the teams that have been selected, kindly confirm your availability from 9-11th June so that we can lock down your teams and also know if there will be any need for reshuffling. Confirm on or before Tuesday, June 6th.

After your documentaries have been produced and gone through the post production stages at Anthill studios, we will be premiering the documentary films at the different locations which in this case:

Team Elixir & Team Alpha: Lagos State

Team Cam Craze: Rivers State

Team P Cube: Oyo State

Team Impact: Plateau State

Members of this teams should mark their attendance by sending a mail with a brief bio, detailing your name, location, and contact details to or

Lets do this. and don’t worry, I know you are all expecting my Dubai gist…its coming!!!

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