we rocked 2016 yo!

we rocked 2016 yo!

Hey guys…I must say we’ve had a very interesting year. Who knew this blog would turn out to be this awesome. All these happened because you all decided to make it happen. You made the blog yours! I’m proud of what we did this year, from the fun videos, to the very technical ones to our beautiful film Room315. Although no one brought jollof rice still…na just mouth una get.

So next year, I have decided that, alongside the regular blog post – and we will have loads of them – I want to embark on 5 major things. They are key because we will all be involved in one way or the other. I hope we get to achieve them as you all know I have a very busy schedule with lots of concubines and illegal children. Here goes:

  1. CHICS IN POST! – Yep I made a promise that if I find enough women willing to learn film editing, I will organize a free 3-day training for them. I’m happy to announce that it will happen between end of January to early February. I intend to train 30 smart women passionate about film editing regardless of their age. This is important because I believe that’s a field most women do well in and it’s a great alternative to acting. Plus, it’s also very profitable. I’ll announce details on how to be part of it soon. One definite condition is that you must have a good laptop that can be used for editing. Also you must have basic computer skills like saving files etc. So its time to let your boyfriend/sugar daddy do something useful for you for once in their lives. Get ready girls…its gon be hot! If Victoria can do it, you too can.

    Victoria Akujobi, Nollywood's best editor and my favorite

    Victoria Akujobi, Nollywood’s best editor and my favorite

2. FINDING THE NEXT HOT DIRECTOR FOR ANOTHER 100K: Here’s what we are going to do. We will make a cool short film next year but I won’t be directing. I will get someone to fund it but the competition this time around would be finding the director to direct it. The process will be tough but the winner will get to direct the short film under mentorship and lots of guidance. You guys will help choose the winner if we end up with a top three. I can’t wait to see which one of you will get this opportunity and get started in their career as a film director. This should happen before mid-year so don’t dull.

3. LETS MAKE A DOCUMENTARY TOGETHER – This is also a very important project we will embark on. I haven’t decided on a theme yet so its open to you guys but I’m going to get us all involved in the process of making a documentary. We need more documentaries and we need to teach people how to make them. Also, as a career, I make more money in documentaries than in film and this knowledge can be financially empowering. Lets all start thinking of a cool subject matter we can explore.

Lets make a documentary together

Lets make a documentary together

4. PROFILING SMALL POST-PRODUCTION STARTUPS – Do you have a studio that does a lot of film/TV work and need some bit of exposure? If I like your work, I will profile you on the blog. This will mean visiting your studio, showing people stuff you’ve done and all. Its very important if your studio is specialized in a key aspect of the industry e.g music, color, editing etc. post production is not easy and I know we are all underpaid. But I also know that most people don’t know what we are capable of. So hit me up guys.

5. THEATRE TO FILM TRANSITION WORKSHOPS ON CAMPUSES: This idea has been on my mind for a while. I hope we can pull it off. If you’ve been following the blog and my work, you know I have something for theatre trained actors. This is largely because there are not enough film schools to groom actors well. However theatre people already have half of the work done. When they leave school unfortunately, the most assured way of making money is in film and they get disillusioned because they end up competing with people without training who just want to be stars. Most of them that make it in too don’t transition well. They are either too stiff, too loud or not appealing to camera. Those who want to be directors know nothing about cameras, composition for film and all that jazz. I want to go round campuses and organize basic workshops to help graduating students understand what they need to do to transit properly into film. The workshop will include lots of QnA, teaching the basic anatomy of a film set and setting up scenes. Showing actors the major differences between screen and stage etc. To make this happen, I’m going to need your help. We would need the graduating theatre arts students to arrange themselves for the workshop and if its outside Lagos, make provisions for accommodating me and whoever I might decide to come with. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay me anything. Just prepare correct food. Start thinking about it if you are studying theatre in school and you want it to happen in your department. We will stream the whole process live too. Lets start talking. (

In Film, You might not get rehearsal time

Nollywood needs Theatre trained actors

Well…that’s the big five. Other cool things include more practical sessions on acting, directing, lighting etc that will be live streamed. I’m also going to get some of my colleagues to do regular features on the blog on stuff like writing, cinematography, directing etc.

Together we can raise the collective intelligence of nollywood and empower each other. I can’t do this alone but then again I’m a moving train who doesn’t understand the word “impossible”. Also, if you want to support the blog, cash or kind, let me know. Who’s excited for 2017

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