Niyi Akinmolayan prepping for a scene

Niyi Akinmolayan prepping for a scene

I learnt stuffs on set of #Room315 , my guys were surprised I showed huge excitements when I was invited to witness the shoot. It was an avenue for me to witness a movie scene first hand.

I was curious because for almost 15years in the industry, I’ve focused solely on “corporate videos” (Companies events, sales activation, brand launch etc), – well, they pay the bills, I never had reasons to look sideways ?… not even weddings despite a lot of calls until recently (Money dey that one too)..

I started growing feelings for movie production about 4yrs ago and till recently when Niyi Akinmolayan (God will continue to bless that bros) started his blog, I followed him (the blog) religiously, this resulted in a stronger love for movie production, hence my excitement when he invited me, I stayed onset till 95% of the scenes were shot, trust me, I’m happy I did.

I will be comparing a movie set e.g #room315 and my area of specialization (Corporate Event videos).

i make a living shooting corporate stuff

i make a living shooting corporate stuff

I assume we all know what a movie set is? Good, but a corporate event video shoot are those where there are no actors, you are basically shooting for a brand i.e Maggi, Milo, Peak milk, Bournvita etc, you are working with corporate professionals (Top MDs and Brand Managers), they are very interested in how you are going to portray their brands and products with your visual skills, they are the type that don’t have time for your long videos i.e they want you to shoot for the whole day but present an edited version in a 5minutes without missing any core detail from the event, simply put, they want a summary!!


Things I learnt/observed/realized

  1. Firstly, in movies, you are filming actors i.e the whole essence is 100% acting while on corporate shoot, you are filming a live event, non-actors, no acting
  1. You shoot movies in accordance with SCRIPTS unlike corporate videos where you will be shooting based on BRIEFS and BRAND GUIDELINES from the client (company).
  1. You can retake a scene, re-arrange your set and have your actors repeat their lines while on a movie set. However, corporate events differs where most likely you will not have the luxury of re-coordinating a particular moment, remember it’s a live event, you missed the shot, you are on your own, (forget you cheque) – tongue out! You may however be lucky, in my own case, i tried to have people, guest speakers etc to retake a moment (it never was same with the first take and that’s really not a problem, so far the message is well communicated). It reminds me of when I was hired to shoot NESTLE MILO CRUNCHY LARGEST BREAKFAST IN AFRICA at COCOA HOUSE IBADAN attempting to MAKE A GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS, guys…I actually missed the REAL countdown (can you beat that)??? I only got to know when I was about editing, I was sweating like a Christmas goat under a temperature of 15O C, i eventually found a way around it (story for another day).
  1. Make Friends with whoever is shooting same event, don’t carry shoulder up in a corporate event shoot, be humble because these people are your last resort if anything happens, in my own case at the SETTING A GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS FOR THE LARGEST BREAKFAST IN IBADAN BY NESTLE MILO CRUNCHY, the friend I made saved my ass, thanks once again to that TV station in Ibadan (abeg no time for name calling, no advert), they collected money jor.

Also have your 3rd or 4th assistant shooting on a smaller camera just in case….

you must learn to multitask in film

you must learn to multitask in film

Chances that such above will happen on a movie set is really low from what I witnessed because as our able DOP was shooting, bros Niyi and Bunmi Aj (small but mighty) were busy downloading the rushes, Niyi had to confirm and re-confirm before memory cards were formatted and ready for another scene shoot.

  1. You can cheat while on movie set, we cheated when we needed to on set of #Room315 and of course, you can also cheat while shooting corporate events, I’ve had moments while shooting market activation for Nestle Maggi where I organized fake buyers, gave them money just to get a perfect shot etc.

    cheating is allowed on movie sets

    cheating is allowed on movie sets

  1. Basically, a shoot is a shoot (Movies, corporate events etc), you just have to find what works for you indoor and outdoor, get the right angles, the right lenses and always record your audios independently else you will mess up that aspect, get a good sound person etc
  1. On corporate event video shoot like a market activation or even an indoor events like the Lagos Social media Week#smwlagos I shot for#Nescafe in February this year (2016), you might not necessarily need most crew on a movie set…a sound man, gaffer and DOPS might be all you need except you are doing interviews where you may need a make-up artist et al..
  1. No matter what you do and whatever you are shooting, endeavor to have a proper plan by testing your equipment, test shoot on the original (Final) set, have someone to sit on the actors seat, stand by the table etc, in case of events videos, ask your assistance to mount the podium where the original speaker will be, pan, tilt, record, test audio and playback videos…do all the do-ables and I’m sure you will have less headache in the major shoot…
know your equipment and test them whether its film or corporate videos

know your equipment and test them whether its film or corporate videos

I no be authority o, these are just my thought..??

Walai that’s all I can remember for now, wait oo, bros Niyi, how you dey do the blog thing self, cos this typing no easy…

i had a great time learning on Room315 set

i had a great time learning on Room315 set

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