Hello everyone. So September is upon us. This is the month I rock the Toronto Film Festival with The Arbitration…meet hot canadian chics and ofcourse Camera September. I have decided to make the syllabus into pics so u guys can share them. If anything will change particularly dates, I’ll let you know ahead. I have a business and plenty illegitimate children o.

DAY 1Imprimir

DAY 2Imprimir

DAY 3Imprimir

DAY 4Imprimir

Don’t worry about the tech jargon. I hope to do for filmmaking what Richard Feynman did for physics: make it accessible and easy to understand to everyone. I am particularly excited about day 3 and 4 because i get to meet you guys and talk to you all. Facebook live is awesome. Did you all watch the session with Abosi Ogba. It was lit. Day 4 is also special because i will be talking with people i consider egbons in this business. So keep some data money…it will be plenty video o. remember to share. Don’t hoard this information. We don’t know where the next great filmmaker will come from.


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