Hi everyone. Do you know how Stella Damasus became a star. she went with her friend to an audition cos she was bored at home. she didn’t even go there to audition but the casting director saw her and asked her to read for a role. The rest is history. Some of you still go around looking for easy routes to the industry. Not smart! Auditions are still very powerful. Its how i met fantastic people like Ivie Okujaye, Wole Ojo, Adesua Etomi, keira Hewatch, gregory Ojefua, Somkele Iyama, Blossom Chukwujekwu and many more. You must learn to take auditions seriously. Its the the surest way of getting there.

Now lets watch this delicious video featuring my baby Girl Adesua on Auditions


NUMBER ONE: Do not be late, Be early, Be punctual, acknowledge the casting panel and always remember to smile. Be polite, be friendly and be very warm.1

NUMBER TWO: Dress appropriately i.e dress how you want to be addressed. Remember it is an audition not a striptease.2

NUMBER THREE: Keep eye contact.3

NUMBER FOUR: Be yourself, be friendly and be confident in your abilities. Your strongest point is that you walk into that room as yourself.4

NUMBER FIVE:  Be prepared… for anything. Be open minded, be versatile and most importantly… listen to the director.5

NUMBER SIX: Ask questions. Its shows a willingness to understand the character better.6

NUMBER SEVEN: This is film not theatre so tone down the theatrics. DO NOT OVER DO IT. The character should come from the inside out not from the outside in.     7

Thank you guys for watching. and by the way, where are your auditions for Nina and Adam. Its like you guys don’t want us to make this movie abi. issokay

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