We are about to start work on our short film

We are about to start work on our short film

Okay so I’ve been quite busy selling The Arbitration tickets and feeling good about the movie. Now its time to get back to what we started. If you are new to the blog, read this.


This is the first phase of any movie and since we are all doing this together, I need you all to be involved in some of the decision making. Remember, the end goal of this project is to learn a lot of film-making so everyone’s opinion matters. The winning script is “Room 315” as you all know. if you haven’t read it, please download the PDF file here ROOM 315 first draft @AbosiOgba. its just 10 pages. don’t be lazy. I have started my creative breakdown of Abosi’s script. I will share in detail with you soon. You will get to learn how a director breaks down the ideas of the script and why he makes the choices he decides on both technically and creatively. We will shoot this film hopefully before end of September.

Now, together, we need to work on three things.

We need an office for the film

We need an office for the film

Room 315 happens in a Psychotherapist’s office. We will need a large area office with three critical parts. (1). a desk area. (2) a therapy area where you have the therapist chair and the patient’s couch (preferably a reclininer) and (3) a large book shelf for aesthetics. Do you have access to or know anyone with that kind of setup?. Even if it’s not perfect, we can add bits to it and learn some set designing along the way. We would be willing to pay a little token for the space. The shoot will happen in just one day. Send photos to

The characters in the story also narrate an event in an abortion clinic. I haven’t decided yet but i might shoot it as a flashback. That will require a location too.


We need a delicious score

We need a delicious score

Yeske!…Music is actually a decision i make early on in all my films. Reading Room 315, i discovered the storytelling will cut deep with good music. I need someone to give us something really good that we can work with. I am suggesting three themes (1), the main theme….(2) a theme for the montage of different patients. i title it “They Come here Everyday” …..(3). a theme that reveals the connection between the characters. I title it “We are all connected”. Are you a film composer and want to be part of this? get to work. I need three pieces of music for the film. send your ideas to  the winner gets a very special gift. They get to score my next Feature film…and trust me, thats a big deal. I hope you people know i have a secret agenda to use this blog to make and also find the best talents in the country cos i love working with the best.


We need actors

We need actors

ROOM 315 has five main characters. 3 males 2 females. Dr Stone (50s), Edwina Taiwo (40s), Nina (25), Rev. Adam Atonye (50s), Mr Taiwo (50s). Out of these 5, I will be calling for an open audition for two characters, Nina (25) and Rev. Adam Atonye (50s). The remaining three characters will be known professionals. I have started talking to some already and they are excited. They will be doing it free of charge and this will also help in sharing experience and knowledge by combining accomplished actors with new ones. Now how do we go about the Audition.

Nina and Rev Adam characters. Read the script, pick a side  that won’t exceed one minute (a side is a portion of script usually used in auditions). Make sure its a side in the dialogue that’s captivating and compelling enough. Record an audition of that character reading that side. once you are good to go, Upload it on Instagram with the Hashtag #ROOM315NINA for actresses playing Nina and #ROOM315ADAM for actors playing Adam. Its open now till September 10th. Remember, you don’t have to strictly be that age if your performance can pull it off. I will make my choice based on popular demand so impress everyone. I encourage practicing actors too to partake. be a good sport! The two selected actors will get N50k each. (Our money don dey reduce o…chai)

So are we excited. Remember, the three main stages of the production will be streamed live. The cast/crew meeting, the actual Shoot and the Post-production process. We will reveal our technical partners soon. In the meantime, I might be doing some live streams on facebook soon as we go along.

Let’s make this movie. If you need more clarification…hit the comments section. Peace out yo!

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