Lola, 26 has already made two short films , TV drama and a web series

Lola, 26, has already made two short films , a TV Film and a web series

Hi there!

Before I introduce myself (smh like it matters) may I brag about Niyi? I requested to meet him

last week Friday at Sao’s Cafe in Lekki and this guy, believe me, is the ‘most gentleman’ I have

come across in the industry. He talks from a deep, passionate, knowledgeable place and it was

such a pleasure to have met a talented, leading filmmaker willing to share and rub minds. It is

no  surprise  to  me  that  he  created  this  blog  to  share  knowledge.  Please  let’s  not  take  it  for


Okay! so my name is Adedolapo Omolola Adeleke. My screen name is LowlaDee and I prefer to

be called Lola off screen. I call myself a filmmaker because I think the only thing I don’t do is

handle the camera. From Writing to Producing, Directing, Editing. My Dear! LOL! but hey cheers

to Brave Short film and A Place Called Happy Television Film, my previous projects! This Is It TV

Show is set to debut September 13th this year.

When  I  registered  my  production  company  2011,  after  graduation,  I  tucked  the  certificated

somewhere  and  served  as  Production  Assistant  in  the  Nigeria’s  Got  Talent  Show  and  then

decided Format TV shows wasn’t for me and moved to Advertising. I worked at IMS Advertising

Lekki and It’s one of the best experiences of my life. We were all crazy creative wise and we

had the coolest boss ever Ladi. But amidst all the crazy and fun, I knew I wanted more. My body

was  scratching  me  so  bad,  I  looked  at  my  company  certificate  once  again  and  then  yes,  I

resigned before even confirmed a full staff. I haven’t looked back since.

don't drag something for 140mins when it can make sense in 30minutes

don’t drag something for 140mins when it can make sense in

Now, when I thought Oh yea ‘Lola you shall be called LowlaDee and you shall make the biggest

blockbuster  Pan African  movies  ever  seen  to  Man!’ Amen  to  that!  but  errr….my  bubble  burst

rather quickly. First of all, I discovered my style of narrative is very straightforward, hence my 30

minutes duration of short film ‘Brave’. Till today, people say I should turn it into a full movie, but I

just  don’t  have  the  patience  to  drag  something  for  140mins  when  it  can  make  sense  in

30minutes. And then I said to myself, maybe I should just be making shorts. But then again,

where is the commercial value in that? Hmm. Then I discovered something that exists, and I call

it  the  sleeping  giant,  “TELEVISION  FILMS” A  Place  Called  Happy  is  a  60mins  duration  film

MADE FOR TELEVISION. Yes, I was asked to bring it to cinema but I declined as I designed it

for TV.

And after the experience I said to myself. This Is It! Your niche is Television foremost!

Now, I grew up watching lots of entertaining TV shows, like Fuji House of Commotion, Passions,

Papa  Ajasco,  Tales  by  Moonlight,  and  even  the  DSTV  Hallmark  Channel  known  for  their

romantic  Television  Films.  There  were  no  cinemas  but  families  would  sit  together  and  laugh

watching these shows. I remember ‘Passions’ TV Show used to show at 9pm on AIT everyday

and one day I and my neighbors were stuck in the traffic, and we saw this public TV outside

where  mechanics,  bread  sellers  and  all  the  ‘adugbo’  people  gathered  to  watch  this  show

‘Passions’ and we were sadly stealing glances from the traffic. Because aint nobody joking by

9pm. How amazing was that!!! Now i cant even remember any show recently that has brought

we Nigerians together that way. That was golden.

In  fact!  Please  all  our  big  stars  now  like  Mofe  Damjio,  Rita  Domnic,  Genevieve.  Television

largely empowered them. I watched ‘Keeping Faith’ on TV. These stars were introduced to us by

Local stations and DVD Rentals, Not cinema! Television was proudly Alaba market Cinema and

even the modern cinema is yet to beat that. C’mon does it not beat you that the biggest stars

then are still the biggest stars now?? why??? Television draws in the common Nigerians! Those

eyeballs are many man!!!

But somehow as I grew older, with the rise of internet and all, this GIANT, this UNIFIER called

Television began to drift to sleep. Lol, I can’t remember lasting a minute on AIT, the once ‘ghen

ghen’ place.

The Cinema is a great place. Oh how I love the new Nollywood and all of us young Filmmakers

now churning out cinema movies. Its called progress and its beautiful. But the thing is, when I

walk  through  the  cinema  halls  and  see  some  movies  put  in  the  cinema,  I  say  to  myself,  this

could pass for a Television Movie. Not all movies are meant for cinema. This is my own opinion,

and to me, if you are making a cinema movie, there must be that cinema experience worth me

driving to the cinema, opening my wallet and paying a whooping N1500 for. I’m not paying to

watch something I can easily find on my Television screen. Heck I’m not paying to ‘watch’ your

movie.  I  am  paying  to  ‘Experience’  your  movie.  I  can  watch  Television  plx  tainzz.  You  may

disagree but like I said, its my 2 cents and I believe I have a point.

The beauty about Television Films is that with a small budget you can make magic because you

don’t need the A-list stars for people to watch. No, you create the stars. You create stars that

gather a massive following and in turn the cinema moviemakers can discover these stars and

these  stars  can  now  bring  their  following/audience  to  watch  your  movie.  Wow!  what  a  ripple


Lowladee's first TV drama

Lowladee’s first TV drama

I look forward to investors and the brands not just splashing money to advertise on Television

but to empower Television producers in creating Big budget Television Shows that will in turn

tripple  their  revenue  and  cause  a  movement.  Do  you  see  the  effect  of  HBO’S  Games  Of

Thrones on people? Join the cinema halls together, it may not contain all the eyeballs that watch

GOT. People get addicted to TV. Thats good for business!

I  believe  in  the  power  of  Television.  I  believe  that  all  those  childhood  moments  I  had  with

Television can come alive again. Just as the Cinema is growing, I want the Television to grow as

well.  We  need  more African  series,  Sitcoms,  Telemovies. Aren’t  you  tired  of  them  big  music

show formats?? Imagine if the budget used for The Voice was used for one mad ass Television

series! Chai!!! Big ups to African Magic trying to keep Television alive with some of their new

series but biko my eyeballs hurt from watching Tinsel for so long sha and its still not terrestrial. I


Actors, don’t think your big break is always tied to a cinema film role mahn! You might be the

next  Ellen  Pompeo  (Greys  Anatomy),  the  next  Kerry  Washington (Scandal)  or  Josh  Radnor

(How I Met Your Mother). Go for more Television project auditions. You can empower yourself

from Television and name your price when cinema producers come calling because you have

commercial value.

Producers, as we think Cinema, lets think of creating ‘mind blowing’ content for Television as

well. Bless Amaka Igwe but that woman understood the power of Television. She was queen

man! and look at the many lives she touched!

Lowladee's Upcoming web series

Lowladee’s Upcoming web series

Lets wake up this sleeping Giant! I grew up to know Television as King. It still can be!

And  Producers,  if  you  think  cinema  is  more  glamorous  than  TV,  do  you  know  you  can  have

grand premiers for your Tele-movies and shows? Man! you can create the same hype!!!

I can’t say all now. But one day hopefully, I shall write a book on this after I have made some

tangible contributions to African Televison by God’s grace as I am still a learner.

So  Yes!  I  am  proud  to  be  running  a  production  company  catering  solely  to  Mainstream  and

Digital Television. And yes its bringing bread to the table small small. I have another production

company registered for cinema releases but it is tucked somewhere far ‘on purpose’. We move,

one mission at a time.

I really hope after this piece someone opens up Google and does more research on Television

Films and Television shows!

Sorry for the long write up! Its passion that culz it o lol!

And  if  you  have  cool  ideas,  I  mean  ‘bankable’  cool  ideas!  Biko  reach  me  at

lowladeeonline@gmail.comNo dulling plx.

#LongLiveAfricanTelevision #LongLiveAfricanCinema #LongLiveNigeria #LongLiveAfrica




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