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So…. I found some money in my piggy bank. I didn’t know I was such a saver. About N600k. And I thought to myself…rather than spend this money on chics and jollof rice, maybe I can use it for the greater good of mankind. Now what’s better than making a movie where every reader and subscriber of this blog is a part of?…..nothing!…not even party jollof rice with fried goat meat, diced liver and shaki and moin moin on the side….and dodo…and coke…ok where was I?.

We are going to make a great movie together; every one reading this blog will be part of the whole process from script to screen…free of charge!!! The best way to learn film making…is to make films.

So here’s how we are going to do it….First,


Every great movie starts with a great script. I won’t shoot a film if I don’t like the script. If you like beg me die. So I want to invest in a quality script for this our project. Now here’s the challenge: write a 5-10page script, one location (locations could be connected by a door like a dining-living room-kitchen…or a restaurant-kitchen…or an office-reception). There must be five main characters in the story, two females, three males. Among these 5 must be an elderly person (post 40yrs), a disabled person, and a character that doesn’t talk throughout. Every character must be integral to the plot. The winner gets 100k. This is the same amount paid to most people to write 90-paged features…so take it seriously! You have two weeks and your time starts now. My good friend and someone I trust his judgment a lot, Anthony Kehinde Joseph (screenwriting lecturer) will read all the scripts and decide the best but we will post all submissions here on the website. Send your script to I can’t wait to see what you guys will cook up. Make it sexy, edgy, crazy, funny (no visual effects or elaborate special effects o). Give me some good drama baby! You know I love drama. It won’t be censored so go all out for it. Its our film we can do what we like!

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Once the script is ready, we will share it on the page and ask for actors to send their auditions via an instagram hashtag (you people should help me create a hashtag for the project. I’m not that hip). Subscribers on the blog will decide who they think is best for the role by voting. If you like go and be voting for your girlfriend or boyfriend and choose an olodo that can’t act o. I want both established actors and newbies be part of this. Be a good sport even if you are a celeb. Let’s do this together. We will make this decision within three weeks after the script is out. Actors will be paid (at all at all naim bad)


This will largely be chosen by me (a director chooses his crew…joo o) but I will have 10 subscribers from the blog be part of the crew using the famous Minnie Minnie mainie mo game (sorry I don’t have any other ideas). However, SmatMedia will be providing all the film equipment we will need and Anthill Studios will be doing all the post production for free. I will also get a professional Producer, DOP and Gaffer so we can all learn from the masters.

Now here’s the best part.


Yes…you heard me. Anywhere you are in the world, you will get to watch the entire process of making the film live on the internet. As if that is not enough, you will be able to comment, make suggestions and for my subscribers, even call in while the filming and other processes are happening. I will take breaks from the shoot to share insights. Other key members too will share insights on why they are doing what they are doing. We will live stream three key processes on different days.

  1. The cast/crew meeting: You will get to watch how a read is done with the actors, how we share ideas on the film and the characters. You will be able to add your opinions, make recommendations etc. no matter where you are in the world. You will also witness a crew meeting, where I will share my directors vision for the story, Ideas on make up, costume etc.
  2. The Principal Photography: You will get to watch me direct the crew and actors. The best part of this process is that you will see every challenge that comes with filming and how we over come them. I will take breaks between shoot just to respond to questions, calls…etc if you have a solution to something that we are having challenges with on set, you will be able to offer suggestions.
  3. The Editing: yes…we will livestream the editing process including color correction, adding music and foley etc. we will even cut the ogbonge trailer together…lol

This is awesome right?

After the film is done, we will premiere it, complete with red carpet if our budget never finish…lol. Hopefully we might get a cinema to premier it for us so we all watch on the big screen…and if they refuse, we will premiere it here at the studio. We will sha premiere it. I’m hoping we can premiere it on my birthday November 3rd. It’ll be the best birthday gift ever!

We have a 500k budget for the actual production. I will get my producer friend to break down how best we can spend it and share the budget here. If all goes well…we should film late September and have the film ready by October. Anyone who knows me well knows I put my money where my mouth is..But this is open for anyone who want’s to be a part. You wanna give us your fancy RED Epic, You want your tech company to handle the live streaming…you wanna cook jollof rice for all of us the day we film. If you have the means, please think of different ways you can be a part. Either ways, its happening!



Re-phrasing Anton Ego in Ratatouille “Not everyone can be a great film maker, but a great film maker can come from anywhere, regardless of their background and means”. I’ve been told to charge a lot of money to train people. While this is great and might still happen, right now, I’m interested in those people that can’t afford a fancy film school but have a lot of greatness locked inside of them. That was me 10years ago. This is not the time for dick measuring contests in nollywood. None of us are there yet, but we can keep passing the basic knowledge of film making around thereby unlocking great potentials. When we get to that point where its hard or almost impossible to see a bad nollywood film, then I can start charging millions for training…if I haven’t retired to be a farmer or a jollof rice chef by then.

Its happening guys; The nollywood knowledge explosion is happening. Lets make great movies together.






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