Ok! So i finally created the blog!


Hey Guys!

So… I finally listened to my Facebook people and got this blog popping! Thanks to Fola Akinmolayan of Digital Passion for setting this up. Elder brothers are the best! when they are not being bullies :-p.

First I have to say this…I am no authority on anything. I just love to share. i have been making films and documentaries for about 10 years now and recently, I realized how much i took from the internet and how little i have given back. There’s so much distraction in today’s noisy web that most young film makers can’t seem to focus on what’s important to learn. They keep making the same mistakes i made years ago. That’s no progress. The other reason i have to do this is because most of the young and new film makers I’ve met all got their training from people in the USA. Wonderful guys like Ryan Conolly and Andrew Kramer have blessed us with a lot. As good as it is, it’s also a serious problem. Film making in Nigeria is totally different. If you come at it with only the knowledge you have from Hollywood-centred film books and all, you will get burned and might eventually give up. Here are a few of the issues:

  1. In Nigeria, there are no such things as big studio films versus indie films. Every film is largely independent, made from money borrowed from friends and family or personal savings. Only few have gotten funding from Government. Its 90% business, 10% art…for now.
  2. In Nigeria, a film isn’t totally a director’s film. So… No you won’t have all the creative control most of the time. Are you ready to deal with that? I survived…You too can.
  3. In Nigeria, Most Producers don’t like dealing with agents and talent managers. You can’t blame them but you can be smart about how you approach it.
  4. No matter how well prepared you are…fancy storyboards, shot breakdown orisirisi, if you don’t learn to be spontaneous and make changes on set, you will either get fired or suffer a nervous breakdown.
  5. There are 16 million ways you can make your film look better in post…i will share some…lol
  6. We love drama and comedy…why…because it sells well here. You can be adventurous but you will realize it makes no sense to be too adventourous…trust me..i made Kajola.
  7. Respect for elders is a bigger issue in Nollywood than you might expect. You must call some producers Aunty or Uncle if you want to keep working o…lol

So I have created different categories for the blog including stuff for actors, crew, techy stuff, stuff for post-production etc. I will make some video tutorials and share tips while on set filming. Its going to be a pinterest style blog and that’s awesome!

I hope I can share most of my experiences including successes and Failures as a film maker in Naija! And I hope someone finds something useful. I will also hold  live chat sessions once every month too and maybe some free workshops.

I also hope we can take this journey together and grow. Every content on the blog is free and you can use it anyhow you want. You don’t even need to give me credit. If you want to give me anything, Just give me jollof rice…That’s the only way to my heart. 🙂



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