How to Film in Nigeria and still be human by Niyi Akinmolayan



UDUAK OGUAMANAM (writer, Falling) had to join in making this decision

UDUAK OGUAMANAM (writer, Falling) had to join in making this decision


So, over a hundred screenplays to read.

All short. 5 to 10 pages, nothing more.

Few characters too. And locations. At least, according to the rules.

Easy abi?

Yeah. Like scrubbing a 30 thousand-liter petrol tanker … with a toothbrush.

They came in several genres. Psychological Thriller, Drama, Mystery, even Sci-Fi. And with just as many issues: using more words than necessary, incomprehensible writing, poor grammar, wrong formatting and going over the ten page limit.

The agenda was to win us over. God knows you tried. Sadly, that didn’t happen in most of them.

Why? Most of the entries didn’t send drafts that reflected the awareness that this is a contest. If I were submitting a script for a contest, I would do a spelling check, cut off unnecessary fluff from the action and description, do a character pass, tighten up my dialogue, ensure the story is clear, and most importantly, read and re-read to ensure that it makes the reader ‘feel something’. It’s a contest. Other guys are gunning for the same prize you are. Prepare to ‘not give them that chance’.

There were so many avoidable errors that a simple re-read would have taken care of.

And then, rules.

I know. As artists, we learn rules to break them. But only as artists. If you break traffic rules, or tax rules, or rules guiding conduct at an airport, you’ll pay. Unpleasantly too. Likewise, if you break contest rules guiding page count, number of characters to be used and locations to set your story in, you get disqualified.

That happened to about 20 scripts. They may have been better than the ones we liked but we’ll never know. Because, rules.

All said, three entries stood out. They weren’t perfect but they were a comforting departure from other submissions.

The writers of these three entries clearly ‘gave some thought’ to their submissions. Why do we watch a movie to the end? We want an answer to the ‘main question’ posed by the story’s premise.

The three top submissions did this. They each created a mystery that sucked us in, made us stick around long enough to see how it played out and rewarded our attention given with a decent resolution. But still, between Niyi Akinmolayan, myself and the friends we consulted with, we couldn’t agree on the best. Niyi preferred the comedy, I the thriller, others were torn between those two or the third.

We need help. And so we turn to you. We are posting the three screenplays we loved on here for you to download, read and vote.

cover page

Your best is our best. It’s down now to your vote. Thank you. Yaaaaay! Hit the comments and tell us the script you like out of the three and why you like it.

All twenty scripts will be shared for everyone to read. This is part of the the competition. Here they are, our top three submissions.

  2. ROOM 315 first draft @AbosiOgba by Abosi Ogba
  3. The Salon by Okonkwo Johnson Stephen


Well done to all who entered, the time you put in and the seriousness to take your craft to the next level. Kindly take advantage of the materials posted on the site to up your game and get yourself to that sweet spot called Screen Credits.

To our three top contenders, congratulations.

To those who didn’t make the cut, remember we told you we’d have a workshop with our top twenty entries. All twenty of you will be contacted later today about when and where we’re meeting for that gig. Its happening this weekend. Saturday and Sunday precisely!

And here are the top twenty we had to pick our top three from. Download them, read and give your thoughts.

Who killed me WANDE OLU – THE WISH by Wande Olu

Who killed me by Joshua Olanrewaju

The Wedding Plan (SCRIPT) by Lola Opatayo

the good mamaritan Amaka Chidioka


THE CIVIL SERVANT by Ayodeji Oluwaseyi Isaac

Re-Do v2 by Nkechi Nwabudike

RUN TINA RUN by Francisca Eleyele

monster by Chiji Ononiwu


I DO by Charles Obi Emere

Everybody Plays The Fool by Susan Majekodunmi

Chicken Out Script 10pgs by Ejiro Stephen

cezeibieli_thewake (1) by Chidi Ezeibieli

All We Are_2 by Kuti Olumide

A THIN LINE by Abdul tijani Ahmed

A Fair Chance by Chiji Ononiwu


Thank you. This phase of the contest has been tremendous fun. The winner will also be sponsored by screenwriter Rita Onwurah to attend an upcoming script workshop as seen below.

Winner will attend this workshop free of charge

Winner will attend this workshop free of charge


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  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:02


    Room 315 was superb. The execution of the story was top class. Abosi is going to be great in script writing.
    • Posted: August 12, 2016 02:05

      Adaku Nwachinemere

      Room 315 I love the story and the consistency of the plot??impressive
      • Posted: August 13, 2016 07:12


        Bravo...I'm short of words, Room 315 you guys are close to perfection... Can't wait to see ur script in visual play...
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:06


    Congrats to the trio Gutted to miss out though Felt I had a strong chance... the only bright spot= the top 20 shortlist But still gutted..... And as 4 voting I will go with the salon D other two were good but description was too long.. Dialogue was on-the-nose as well... But we are all learning anyway... Thanks to Mr Niyi and Mr Kenny The future of nollywood is bright!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:06


    The salon... For a short, he has done a lot with the story. I will be excited to see it in the cinema. #THE SALON
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:07


    Congrats to the trio Gutted to miss out though Felt I had a strong chance... the only bright spot= the top 20 shortlist But still gutted..... And as 4 voting I will go with the salon D other two were good but............. we are all learning anyway... Thanks to Mr Niyi and Mr Kenny The future of nollywood is bright!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:19

    Priye Diri

    Okay... I have read all 3 of them and if I must say fantastic stories but there has to be a winner... I'll go with Pastorpreneur. Seconded by the salon, then room 315... Wonderful job guys... Niyi for president
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:26


    Room 315 by Abosi Ogba is definitely the best. The writer effectively combines the use of intrigue and imagery in making the work amazing. The touch of suspense and the appeal which the script makes to certain emotions in the reader gives it an upper hand. An intriguing script! i was totally captivated. Definitely deserves first place
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:29


    Hahahaha i haf diae...... the pastorpreneur (the exorcism of eromosele) is smtyn else. I would love to see this. Lmao... this is smtyn new
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:34

    Ndife Chukwuka

    PASTORPRENEUR- THE EXORCISM OF EROMOSELE... First of all, the name of the movie is something else. Lol!... Read the script, good humor, very funny, and original... We need to actually see this on film
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:37


    THE SALON!!!!.........
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:37

    Danny Nwauzorma

    Hehe.. finally.... Congrats to all.... this was fun.... Now let me go and scrutinize these top three. i dey come.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:42


    I'll go for "Room 315." It's a subtle story about how people could deal with their shadows (past). I also love the title. I might be biased a bit as I just completed a feature with a similar title, but that's part of it. There's a lot of subtext that keeps one engaged. "Room 315" has the potential of being a strong dark psychological thriller. I do think a few dialogue was overwritten, but that's not a problem at all. It's an easy fix and this is a very specific contest and I'll say Kudos to Abosi Ogba. Next is "Pastorpreneur." Then "The Salon."
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:45

    David Ejim

    Room 315 was LIT! Depicting the connectedness of life and consequences of our actions could not have been done simpler, more elegantly. Kudos to all in the top 20 and the top 3 especially. The future of Nigerian cinema is bright indeed. #Room315 for the win!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:47

    Saviour Kings Bob

    Every story should possess a conflict but beyond that conflict, there should be a reason or triggers given in minute details. Room315 is a good story as it exposes the dilemmas and helplessness of a man who is paid to listen to peoples problems: a boring repetition of people's predicaments. A good story. Looking at it as a trained scriptwriter, objectively, it lacks commercial appeal, passes a message but in a less entertaining way. Let's not forget, entertainment is the first thing a story should yield. The salon is great as it starts off with kick start action, poses a question but even action without justifiable reason leaves us dissatisfied. The writer could have done better if he brought us closer to the characters by revealing the story behind this story through short lines in their dialogue. Why were they looking for the man? A bit Hollywood but every fight starts with a story. Finally, Pastorpreneur is funny, few spelling errors and punctuations. But it ends on a good note as a comedy. One important thing every script writer should do in a story is make the viewer see the characters not just as part of the story but as living beings. For example: That ppl died in a house that got burnt is good but it doesn't move our emotions. But when we get close enough to know the people, personalities, desires, weaknesses and strengths, then we get emotionally drawn to the story. Pastorpreneur does that in a comic way. The writer should have done a spell check though. Thanks
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:52


    I'd go with room 315, I like the storyline
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:52

    Saviour Kings Bob

    All in all, well done to every writer that participated.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:54


    I'll definitely go for room 315, sweet psychological thriller that keeps your mind engaged till the very end. This isn't just about comedy, or entertainment, but engaging the mind till the very end. once started, u're just glued to it till the very end. I'd certainly want to see this script elaborated, brushed up and turned inro a movie, the Nigerian cinemas need things like this to flourish. nice job abosi ogba, keep learning and you'll be a force to reckon with. I must also add that the other writers did quiet well too, raw talents out here, keep growing.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 18:56

    Adeagbo Adekola

    ROOM 315. This Abosi Ogba has connected me with names on paper. Wow. Kudos to the other two too. They try.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:02


    congrats to the contenders and the top 20, I also wrote a script ( which is not my spec more of directing) the three contenders did well, nice work but I will go with Room 315
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:02

    Adeyeye Samuel Adedeji

    I must commend the TRIO for making it thus far. My vote goes to Abosi Ogba for his "ROOM 315". I appreciate the technicality of the script - digging into the past, bringing it to the present and leaving the future to the ardent enthusiasm of the reader. It's original, it's real, it's a winner!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:10


    I prefer " Pastorpreneur"For the fact that writer is trying to use this medium to educate the society over the use of religious means in exploiting the common man.This will make must viewer to build faith in God than Man. Congratulations phoenix Ifeoma and my next is Room 315,Abosi Ogba nice one too.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:10

    Iyi Bobby

    3 beautiful scripts, but 'room 315' by Abosi Ogba wins it for me. I'd pay top dollar to see this on screen.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:16


    Wonderful stories from the three writers,you all are at the top of your game!Okonkwo your story is spectaclus,Phoenix that was an awesome creavity.Finially Abosi am yet to understand how you taught out that idea in your story! Your use of suspense and flash is Fantasic! You forced me to read through wow!! I don't know you but honestly you won my heart with your story from the presentation of Nina and Dr Steve personality!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:20


    I will go with Room 315..nice concept cool story line..thumbs up abosi...
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:21


    2.. room 315.. awesome style..
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:23


    I love-love-loved all three screenplays. It was very tough to pick until I asked myself which one I'd love more on the silver screen. And the answer was The Salon. The story is electric, just as Room 315 was subtle but powerful, and Pastorpreneur was humorous. Great work, guys. All awesome screenplays. The Salon is my vote though.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:26


    I go for Room 315
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:30

    ray adeka

    Ill go with pastorprenual by phoenix ifeoma. Beautiful story and smart approach.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:33


    I vote "Pastorprenuer, because its funny "
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:42


    Room 315 is the realest, it's hugely interwoven in the realities of the 21st century, if the script was a phone, it would be an iPhone, I would totally pay to see it in a cinema, good plot development and much sense.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:42

    Nnanna Kalu

    ROOM 315. suspense! inciteful!! Dope!!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:45

    Nelson Jovial

    Room 315 Swept me off my feet....Kudos Abosi....
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:48


    A bit of darkness did it for me...I'll go with Room 315. The writer laid bare the darkness of the priest's priest.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:48


    The Paatorpreneur all the way!!!!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:49


    The Pastorpreneur all the way!!!! Reply
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:49


    A big congrats to all the contenders. Kudos to u guys, nice work. I'll go for pastorprenue
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:50


    Pastorpreneur! It plays with a theme most people shy away from discussing yet lots of people are cut in this web.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:54


    ROOM 315 by Abosi Ogba did it for me.. I like the subtle message and the fact that it keeps you guessing about what have gone wrong and where with the whole interwoven relations among the characters... Kudos guys...
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 19:56

    Nnamdi Kanaga

    Joined this great nation some weeks ago and i must say, fantastic! Well, id go with PASTOPRENEUR!!!!! My kind of film, and would be glad to be a cast for this!!!!! Amazing;!!!!!!!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 20:07


    Comment nice one.. I go for the salon and pastorprenuer
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 20:13

    Vanessa Kanu

    I'd have to go with The Salon. Room 315 is also quite brilliant in a cerebral way, but requires attention - which isn't really everyone's strong suit. Pastorpreneur... Well, it could have been shorter. Way, way shorter and more to the point, so it would pack more of a punch, especially as it's a comedy. Definitely The Salon. Brilliant. Love it.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 20:17

    Ijasan wole

    Pastorpreneur got me on this .... phoenix ifeoma did so much justice to use of word and the expression was on point .... nice work to the three.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 20:18


    Fake pastors everywhere... PASTORPRENUER for me. I want to watch it Mr Niyi thanks.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 20:23


    Room 315 is art. No kidding. The script and story are exceptional. You don't see this everyday. You don't even see it every year. Naija twists are usually all over the place but these ones were so well-knit. The writer had it all together. Slap some good money, cast and crew on it and it's sure to win an award or more. Room 315, plix.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 20:30

    uchenna eileen ugwu

    I think pastorprenur is definitely A winner.Theres just something fresh about it,even though its the typical con pastor story,the scriptwriter manages to make it beautiful,classic and funny.The saloon and room 315 are great too,but pastorpreneur definitely has my vote.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 20:31

    Ozy E

    Room 315 very enlightening.... Will read over and over
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 20:31

    Love Gbenga

    Wow... ROOM 315 by Abosi Ogba was just on point, really loved the story line??
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 20:38

    Obi Scali

    PASTOPRENEUR!!!!! I think d story is more significant ........especially with wats goin on around us now.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 20:58


  • Posted: August 10, 2016 20:58


    Really beautiful scripts different story lines and all 3 did so well but with all these "change" going on in the country we all need some comic relieve. "pastorpreneur" is my choice. All the best Phoenix!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 20:59


    Interesting story lines from each of the top 3, but personally feel 'room 315' by Abosi Ogba stands out because of its ability to not just convey a message, but to do this in a grand style. The Nigerian movie industry so far has not been able to fully delve and explore other methods of telling a story and I feel room 315 hoists that flag not just for the industry but for movie making as a whole. Nice one
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:01


    i love room 315 they are the best
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:03


    Room 315 by Abosi has thought me a lot as did the other 2 but Room 315 is the best. Short but great.
    • Posted: August 11, 2016 18:21


      The salon by Stephen all the way!!! Short but lovely
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:07

    Hon. Igbo Maxwell

    Room 315 is the best. Abasi ogba did an amazing work there.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:09

    Nnamdi Kanaga

    The Salon is also amazing!!!!! Oh God,...... Pls share the money between Pastopreneur and the salon!!!! Loooolz
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:10


    Room 315 is it for me.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:10


    Don't really have enough words to qualify room 315 the story is amazing. Abosi is talented and should be credited. In few words his script kept me engaged. Thumps up
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:10


    Although all of the scripts were amazing, Room 315 was so precise and was very well executed. The script appealed to many characteristics that had you begging for more. Room 315 definitely deserves to win.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:15

    Zubby female NDC

    Room 315 by Abosi. If you haven't read it then you're missing a lot. Its a winner
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:15


    room 315 is very ok
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:21


    "Room 315" is the winner Beautiful scripts by the way
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:27

    Owoidoho Mike

    Room 315 is dope! Abosi Ogba, that piece is a killer.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:27

    Blessing Ngozi

    Wow. Room 315 is the thing. Don't remember the last time i saw such a thriller. Uncle Niyi, i want to see ROOM 315 on screen o. Biko. Kudos to the other writers.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:28

    Eighth Wonder

    Room 315 rendered me speechless! I was like 'wow!' It's captivating from the beginning to the end...this will definitely have the likes of Keanu Reeves collaborating with nollywood Bravo Abosi!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:31


    I love room 315
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:35


    PASTORPRENEUR- THE EXORCISM OF EROMOSELE... The name along says it all. And reading it gave me a lot of ideas and I saw a great script writer too. Can't wait to see this in cinemas....
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:41

    Nelson Jovial

    "Room 315" by Abosi is terrificly dope.... Lovely Script outchea. Kudos Abosi Ogba.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:50


    I love pastorprenuer...and I can't wait to see it in the cenimas
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:52


  • Posted: August 10, 2016 21:57


    Room 315.. Nice storyline
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 22:01

    mrs dim

    Couldn't stop laughing as I read PASTORPRENEUR. Well done Phoenix Ifeoma. Never knew you wrer this funny
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 22:03

    oghenero okikie

    room 315 is the bomb ? and makes a lot of sense people. I will love to see the script on screen and I'm also sure others will b excited when they do.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 22:14

    Preach Bassey

    I'd have to go with pastoprenuer..the story has good plot
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 22:21


    "Room 315" That was amazingly well written. Kudos Abosi. I can actually picture the movie in my head.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 22:25


    "Room 315" is the real deal! I love every bit of it
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 22:36


    Definately PASTORPRENUER: Laughter is certianly the best medicine and the type of comedy displayed is quite new and informative. These things happen every day in a similar comical versions but most people are still oblivious for some unknown reason. #Cant stop laughing....LOL!!! Kudos to the writer
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 22:38


    My vote is Pastorprenuer by Phoenix. It's very funny!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 22:42

    Cris Dula

    Pastorprenuer is it for me. Am all for laughter
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 22:47

    UkaOrji Ogbonna Senator

    I patiently and anxiously wait to see ROOM 315 on screen. Nice piece from Abosi. Nice style, choice of words and formatting... I as well enjoyed the suspense
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 22:48

    Abubakar Saleh

    All lovely stories I must say, but my vote goes to Phoenix, Pastorprenuer!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 22:54

    Danny Nwauzorma

    Room 315 is 1st, The Salon is 2nd, Pastorpreneur is 3rd
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 23:00


    Pastorprenuer is my preferred script. The other two r good too but I preferred it best
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 23:03


  • Posted: August 10, 2016 23:06

    Uduak-Obong Patrick

    Torn between "Room 315" and "Pastorpreneur"... But something deep down yearns for "Room 315". May i please have it if it doesn't win? Thank you.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 23:16


    Pastorpreneur!!! The name title is original, the write up is awe inspiring! Great job!!
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 23:25

    Valerie Jonah

    Room 315 is definitely the best.. It's intriguing and captivating
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 23:37


    Lol... I will go for pasrorpreneur.... it's comedy
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 23:41

    Ekene Osuagwu

    For me, it is between Room 315 and The Salon. Room 315 has excellent dialogue and screenwriting but lack the major emotional purpose. We just get to meet the people and their lives. That's all. No entertainment. The Salon on the other hand is also an excellent screenwriting piece with action. It tends to follow the normal order of movies; a time of order, a time of disorder, and then order again, as it applies to the characters of Joke and Teni. I give the price therefore to The Salon. However sir, i want to request that you name the scripts that were disqualified and if it wont cause any more trouble to you, why they were disqualified. Thanks again, sir.
  • Posted: August 10, 2016 23:56


    Wow, it's a really really really tough call and I just have to congratulate the top 3 as well as Niyi and Kenny for doing this! Kudos! Still sad that I couldn't get my act together quickly enough to submit my own entry but well, looking at these fantastic entries, I'm quite intimidated sef... Great work! Nollywood can only get better. For me, all d 3 finalists have their strong points. For Room 315, I like the originality in that it is not a typical Nollywood story and also the twists at the end of Nina as Edwina's daughter and Edwina going to Adam's for an abortion and getting rescued by Taiwo who married her etc etc. Nice linking of all the characters. My issue here is its transition to film. It's nice as a story on the page but not sure how much I would like it as a movie. Would need a deft hand to work, as per the director and general production. It's the kind of film that would need explanation for some ppl to get it...or maybe not sha. Still for going in this direction which is definitely not regular Nollywood, kudos to Abosi Ogba. For The Salon, wow! Action packed! Loved the shock of realizing d client doing the facial was d guy they were looking for. And the ending is great too. Really really love this one but generally Im not a fan of Nollywood action movies cos I don't feel they are well done. Again same issue as Room 315, lovely and exciting on the page but will it work as a short film? Would I pay to see it? Well, again it depends on the production. It's a great lovely action piece, reminds me of The Hateful Eight a bit. But its also a bit weak and it could be clearer cos at first I wasn't sure who the 2 guys were - as in are they armed robbers or assassins or what? For Pastorpreneur, Hei, hmm, yes oooo, fantastic is just the word! It's funny, it's relatable, it's topical and it's something I can see ppl enjoying and watching with little wahala. The downsides for me were it's not such an original idea like the other 2 and it somehow resembles a TV or YouTube comedy skit but apart from that it's just WOW!!! Great great hilarious stuff! So I would pick Pastorpreneur cos it's the cleanest with the easiest transition to screen and the one I can see Nigerians best enjoying with little wahala or explanation ... It was really tough to pick oh, especially btw Pastorpreneur and The Salon.. Great great great. I am super impressed!!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 00:27

    Dera chuchi

    Definitely Room 315!!!!......beautiful script Abosi....a wonderful combination of imagination and craft!!!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 02:03


    Full of insight and mirrors what man's everyday life is full of. Room 315 captures all that.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 02:15


    Judging from the comments "Room 315" and "Pastorpreneur" are the clear favourites. The Salon is brilliant , however as someone who is just starting out and looking to make some returns, Pastorpreneur will be the obvious choice. Firstly, it is easily relatable, people would have a good laugh and doesn't take a lot of cerebral work. Movies like this are easily popular, but if you are an accomplished film maker who is not too bothered or concerned with the profit; if it's all about the art for you then "Room 315" is it for you. So you guys have to make your choice based on what your want out of this project. Well done guys.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 03:47

    Oluwadiya Gloria

    Wow,i dnt really know how to choose because all three stories are so good and has its own uniqueness.but i think i was so engrossed with room 315 the only problem with it needs to reflect a bit of emotion.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 04:15


    Wow. cool stuff here!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 04:51


    The PASTORPRENEUR- THE EXORCISM OF EROMOSELE By PHOENIX IFEOMA EZENDU is the overall best! But good work yall!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 05:30


    THE SALON! THE SALON!! THE SALON!!! Hi, I'm a reader from Australia, somehow just stumbled on this... All three are great. But please how can I cast my vote? "THE SALON" is nothing but (super) amazing. Gosh!!! The writer did an incredible job fixing up that plot, cerebral and to the point. Can I get a contact to Mr. Stephen Johnson? Thanks
    • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:07

      • Posted: August 11, 2016 22:27


        Thank you. Regards.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 05:41

    meegan bertrand O

    I'll go for Pastorprenuer
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 05:46


    It's hard to pick one, but based on priorities, ROOM 315 looks like the best one. It's the kind of script that will be screened on international festivals and win awards if executed well by actors. Pastoprenuer is good comedy, but will most likely get no substantial relevance in film festivals.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 06:13

    Emmanuel Obi

    Definitely ROOM 315!! The quality here is unmatched by either of the other two. It will be the kind of movie Omotola would want to be in. I want to see it on the big screen o. Baba Niyi, remember the Jollof rice you promised me.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 06:18

    Dike jane Nkechi

    I am not really a fan of stories but Room 315 should win this, nice storyline and concept, nice one bro
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 06:20


    My Daughter is hilarious. Am voting for Her PASTORPRENUER.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 06:21


    The salon! It has to be the salon. Very vivid, unpredictable, I had no idea what the writer had in mind, would love to see this movie in the cinemas. THE SALON it is!!!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 06:24


    Kudos to all three, great scripts. Will go for room 315, love the write up, the story build up and the suspense.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 06:25


    Pastorprenuer. It's funny and it's true life at the same time.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 06:27


    Kudos to all three top winners, great scripts I must say. Would go for room 315, love it's write up, story build and suspense.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 06:36


    I vote for "The Salon" by Okonkwo Stephen...
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 06:40


    Room 315 is awesome
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 06:47


    The salon is brilliant. I go for the salon.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 06:58


    Comment I go with room 315 by Abosi was the bomb He makes good use of his character. it was a job well done
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:02


    Pastorprenuer all the way
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:03


    The Salon does it.......... #THE SALON
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:03


    I vote The Salon!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:05


    Mos def: stuff!!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:17


    Room 315 was so captivating, whoever wrote it must be a super talented scriptwriter
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:27


    All are nice, but Room 315 stands out for me. Awesome work.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:29


    Room 315 is so interesting I would always re-read it over again because its interesting abosi ogba kudos you're such a great writer
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:33


    THE SALON! THE SALON!! THE SALON!!! Hi, I'm a reader from Australia, somehow just stumbled on this... All three are great. But please how can I cast my vote? "THE SALON" is nothing but (super) amazing. Gosh!!! The writer did an incredible job fixing up that plot, cerebral and to the point. Can I get a contact to Mr. Stephen Johnson? Thanks
    • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:58

  • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:33

    Oluwatosin S.A.

    I go for Room 315 by Abosi, though it appeared vague but it's an embodiment of creativity and suspence as it reflects core pillars of script writing... I just kept in wondering "what exactly is going in here" till I read to the end
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:44


    I prefer the salon. The writer took my imagination to a place i like. Great story, transition between past and present.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:56


    Pastorprenuer is the best
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 07:59


    Pastorprenuer can't wait to see this at the cinema
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:03

    toba tegbe

    Would go with the salon by Steven. That was something new and gripping
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:04


    "Room 315" does it for me, from the very start to the end, it was engaging, the play of words and correct English (not abbreviated) stands it out too, the pastopreneur is fun too but its too wide ( goes out of line sometimes) and some words were abbreviated ( as its a contest, attention should be paid to some stuff), the salon was great too but it lacked the engagement, at some point one begins to skip some lines...all in all, the three writers were good but "Room 315" by Abosi was the best for me
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:31


    Pastorprenuer for the win, the story was so detailed .
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:33

    its dappa

    "ROOM 315" by abosi was the best for me and it's really engaging among the top three.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:34


    Room 315 surely...awesome use of vocabulary
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:44

    Obiajulu Okoye

    PASTORPRENUER...............d real deal!!!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:46


    Pastorprenuer should get it. Good story line!!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:50


    For me "Pastorprenuer" did it for me... den the "Salon"
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:51

    Danny Nwauzorma

    Please Sir Niyi, is there a way you could still film ROOM 315 if it doesn't eventually win the 100k, abeg i'm on my knees Sir. That script is BLOODY. I've read it like 20 times this morning. I saw the script and i said to myself, meehn, guy, you never start. The Salon is a twisted thriller but its a familiar twist that resonates with series like "The Blacklist" and "Scorpion" but ROOM 315 is paranormal in it's structure, It has a semblance to "Shutter Island" and "Inception" but from a milder and sinister perspective.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:52


    awesome script, PASTORPRENUER loved it
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:56

    Olajide victor

  • Posted: August 11, 2016 08:58


    I love comedy and PASTORPRENUER killed it.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:00


    Pastorprenuer for me. Good writting. Funny script
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:02


    I like pastorprenuer the best. Its real
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:05


    Pastorprenuer 1st, Room 315 2nd, the saloon 3rd.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:06


    Pastorpreneur is perfect to me. Excellent piece. Keep up the good work
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:08


    Pastorprenuer is very Nigerian. Alot of pastors are defrauding nigerians and we all need to see this.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:09

    Posu B.

    The Salon does it for me.. Gosh! I can't even begin to explain.. My vote is definitely for The Salon By Steve.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:12


    Without a shadow of a doubt I vote for D salon.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:12


    from a script writer's angle, comedy is difficult to write. Pastorprenuer makes comedy seem easy. Its straight forward and funny as well
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:14


    Pastorprenuer, wonderful script
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:14

    emmanuela igboanugo

    *the saloon* by okonkwo joseph Stephen is a lovely short film . Quite catchy ,nice transition from flash back to at the middle . And my best character is joke
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:15


    My vote is for pastorpreneur, i love it
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:18


    Cant stop laughing, pastorpreneur nailed it
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:20


    For me its pastorpreneur, nice script
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:22


    Plsssssssssssss film Pastopreneur, phoenix nailed it
    • Posted: August 11, 2016 18:57

      ojo moleeky

  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:23

    Iyamu Osaretin Retz

    Pastorprenuer is very commercial. I did not read the scripts but the title stands out. In a movie line up il pick Pastorprenuer
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:28


    Hands down Pastorprenuer, I have been laughing since i read it. good malterial
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:34


    For me its room 315
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:39


    Room 315 definitely
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:41


    ok, I will go with the Salon. I must say the three writers did a great job but one thing is, you DON'T explain something Beautiful, you know it is when you see it. And THE SALON has everything a movie lover will like to see even for a short film. THE SALON it is.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:42


    "Room 315"it's a nice story,wonderful script without a doubt I vote for "room 315"
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:43


    So ave read almost all the scripts here. I see why Pastorprenuer is a strong Contender. I tried to visualize the scripts to Screen and it Transitioned well. Easily relatable and funny. I can watch this with my parents and my children too. The writter needs to improve on her Vocabulary and Spellings too.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 09:47


    Room 315 it is
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 10:02


    I am super excited,my script made it to top 20 scripts. I read the three scripts and I loved all three. PASTORPRENUER was funny,i would totally pay to see it. ROOM 315 was surreal .If it was longer it will make a good movie. I could just picture it as I read. While THE SALON was action packed and direct. It's not easy picking the best. So here is my vote THE SALON, first, second ROOM 315 then PASTORPRENUER. Thank you Oga Niyi for giving us this opportunity to get our voices heard. You are a rare gem.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 10:04


    Very very insightful. I think Nigerians will benefit a lot from Pastorprenuer. I like Emeka's faith..he is really funny tho.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 10:20


    The 3 writers did a great job but I will give it to the writer of ROOM 315. Very nice piece
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 10:22


    All 3 are awesome... But I'll go for Room 315 Afterall tomorrow is another day. Isn't it
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 10:24


    all three scripts are awesome. However, Pastorpreneur is my favourite. It appealed to my sense of humour and felt so real.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 10:34

    Ugwumsinachi Chukwuemeka

    Room 315 is the best read, I can't wait to have it on film. The author synchronized experiences and wove thought patterns akin to the stream of consciousness.... He displays excellent artistic and literary beauty. The tapestry of this rich literary fabric is so exquisitely interpreted in the beauty of this literary piece. This work is beautiful in its originality and embodies the ambrosia of modern literary creativity as is worthy of the 21st Century stage. The personal relationship attained during readership of this piece speaks to the mind..... Its filled with intimacy and comprehension. Heres to a great job Abosi Ogba
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 10:54


    Hillarious and Relatable. I love it. Pastorprenuer
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 11:01

    Gladys Adurojaiye

    Pastorprenuer surely!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 11:03


    Pastorprenuer is Viral video Malterial. My Vote is for Pastorprenuer.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 11:18

    oluchi k

    Pastorprenuer!! Very Funny script. Enjoyed reading it.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 11:20

    oluchi k

    Pastorprenuer! Very funny, I enjoyed reading the script
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 11:27

    Elechi Dickson

    Room 315. If this is screened, I'd give a lot to see it first. What skill!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 11:37


    Room 315!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 11:52

    Uncle FRED

    I love all three scripts, different genres. They all give me different feelings and emotions. If I were to be in the cinema and read their synopsis I would first go for The Salon, the suspense kept me reading and was more entertaining. The genre is still an untapped area in Nigeria, if done well we will be nice to watch.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 11:57


    Wow such an incredible write up.. room 315 u are good to go. I vote for room 315
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 12:12

    Favour Ogba

    Wow. Beautiful scripts. All three, in different genres and messages. I pick Room 315 by Abosi. Is the writer male or female. Someone send me the number if he's a guy biko. Room 315 it is!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 12:29

    Uncle FRED

    Room 315 is brilliant too
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 12:29


    The Pastorprenuer, again and again
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 12:34

    Jumbo Ibigoni

    Pastorpreneur all the way...I enjoyed the read very much. Way to go Pheonix...
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 12:38


    Room 315 is the best, so captivating and wonderful... bravo to abosi.... he deserve it
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 12:44


    Pastorprenuer is my favourite.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 12:47


    Lovely script. Daniel k Daniel would be very good as the Pastor in Pastorprenuer.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 12:49


    Phoenix for the 100k. Her Pastorprenuer is a pleasurable read.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 12:54


    Am torn between Pastorprenuer and the Salon. If i have to choose which il go see on a date.I will choose Pastorprenuer because I had a feel good experience reading it
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 13:06

    Charles Obi Emere

    I want to see "ROOM 315" come to life on the small and big screen. As a reader, I loved it. As a writer, I admired it. And as a director, I would definitely do it. It grips you at the wrist and doesn't let go. Exactly what we all need in this country -- a therapy session.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 13:18


    Definitely Pastorprenuer! Brilliant scripting with humour
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 13:18


    A story should contain some elements that will make you keep reading which the pastorprenuer has. Comic. i give it to pastorprenuer because its educating, interesting and funny. I will pay dollars to watch it at the cinema.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 13:32


    We had a debate in my office about the scripts. In the End most people liked Pastorprenuer better. Room 315 is very good.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 13:57


    I want Room 315 to win. Even if Room315 doesn't win, it stands the best chance of getting accolades, with a top notch production. Trust me, if this contest were to be voted for by a more generalized audience who choose to see beyond the same dour comedy, Room 315 will get the top spot. Not to take anything away from the other two but hey, we're looking at quality and originality here.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 14:16


    your super good Room 315 am really impress by this guy write up, you the best
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 14:21


    I think pastorpreneur did it for me. Amazing stuff
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 14:22


    Oh wow pastorpreneur most definitely
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 14:24


    Well all three looked good but pastorpreneur I vote for
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 14:24

    Jibril Lawal

  • Posted: August 11, 2016 14:32


    I was right there in ROOM 315 until the end of the story shook me "beck" to reality. Kudos to the other two nonetheless...
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 14:47

    Olakunle Idowu

    I ll go for room 315
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 15:07

    ojo moleeky

    Kudos guys. Beautiful scripts in all. I bet you all comedy sells like package water. It appeals to all, even YOU! Check all the skits around. The andrey silva company would agree with me.. Ask Rita Dominic, ask Will Smith or ask Mr Okafor of clinic matters. Pastorpreneur so well appealing and comical. Ifeoma Phoenix after seeing Dante's Fall, an engaging drama I never knew you can pull such gratifying and satisfying comedy relief. Thanks miss Ezendu for making subscribers of this blog laugh so hard. Admin lets push Pastorpreneur into visual and actually make the whole world drool their weapons and laugh that hard!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 15:40

    Mike Adesina

    I'll go for Pastorpreneur by Phoenix.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 15:49

    Hillary Odo

    I love the originality of Room 315. And it's captivating style. The language, too, is superb. But Pastorpreneur has the strongest message amongst the three scripts. It's educating. Expository. I'll pick Pastorpreneur.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:14

    Obinna Ebirim

    I pick Pastorpreneur by Ifeoma.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:22

    Tari Alagoa

    All scripts are awesome but "Room 315" is it for me. Really deep.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:22


    Room 315 it's the best.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:25


    Tough one...I vote Pastorpreneur......followed by the saloon
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:27

    omolara Bamgboye

    Pastorpreneur for the win
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:30

    Titi Joseph

    Definitely "Pastorpreneur".... dint see that end at will be nice to see that on screen, kudos to the others guys too
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:30


    I could totally imagine Room 315 as I read it. Man, I never even start work. I'd pay to see it in motion. Just find the best production and bam: you have a masterpiece there.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:36


    Room 315 it is for me....good one
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:37

    Stella Zina

    I've read all three. Hard to choose. Like very hard. But Room 315 is a total killer. Let's do ROOM 315. I wonder what other stuff Abosi has in his computer.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:41


    Room 315 for me. Sundance loading... 60%
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:52


    All the scripts are good....but I choose Room 315 he has a good writing skill..
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:52


    Room 315 Is The Best
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 16:54


    Room 315 is my choice...
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 17:11


    Room 315 was on point. It would definitely be awesome to see that on screen. Well done Abosi
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 17:19

    Osaze Isesele

    Room 315 is stood out for me. Its just the best.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 17:45

    Dipe funmlola

    its going to be a long note so.... PASTORPRENUR is a good comedy..."it made me laugh"( now! i don't laugh easily). and its cheap. ( don't blame me! my producer is always saying.."cut cost! cut cost!). But i will not go for it cause when it comes to screening a flick, comedy can be very tricky. not everyone is a deep thinker. In fact 85% of US don't think deep and the sanguine are the one making the films. if you will want your comedy film to be well appreciated, then pray that all the critics are sanguine. so if you plan on taking the film to a festival, my advice: don't do this one. BUT IT IS VERY GOOD! I LIKE IT! THE SALON: to start with, I LOVE BLOODY FLICKS! so i am partial to this one. the only thing i can see that is lacking in this script is the TRANSITION of the flash back. and i believe that if a good transition is developed, it will give the story the twist it seems to lack. therefore this is my amebo suggestion: when JOKE goes down and we all think she is dead, cut to a CU of TENI or an high angle tilted down wide shot accommodating TENI,JOKE AND the SHOOTER. then cut back to the CU of TENI. zoom in on her eyes and let her be the lens that takes us on a RE-WINDED journey back to the past where everything began. this will depict TENI remembering and blaming herself for all that has happened. let the come back be a CU of TENI blinking in terror and guilt. if this two emotions can play on her face at once, the effect on the audience will be good. ( let me know if you agree or disagree.....with reasons pls.....its the only way to learn). ROOM315: GBAM! I LOVE IT LIKE KILODE!!! Its the stuff for festivals...if the director knows and understands the texture of the story. it will be my pick any day any time.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 17:48

    Dolu Adewuyi

    I read the three and they all are lovely. I kicked off with Pastorpreneur: a good comedy which examines the exploitation by religious leaders. The title gives us an insight into the script as a whole. I however did not expect the twist at the end. Phoenix Ifeoma did well there. Room 315 beats the others in terms of uncharted waters and originality. You don't see much of this in Nigerian Cinema. The Salon is also a lovely piece, and i enjoyed every page of the script. All three are good. Room 315 harbours potentials which if properly handled, will be a huge winner. Abosi Ogba is one to look out for. If I however were to go for one which Nigerians would not hesitate to watch, then it's Pastorpreneur. If there was space for another script, then I'd go for Room 315.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 18:05


    "Room 315" deserves an award... we don't get to see stories like this all the time. the connection, the flow was excellent, I personally want to see this on cinema, the story was straightforward with suspense. the scriptwriter "Abosi Ogba" gave a good delivery and a take home message.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 18:09


    'Room 315' is a mind-blowing piece!! The artistry, coupled with poetic choice of words and a beautiful finish, made it Stand Out... 'The Salon' was beautiful too. Thumbs up guys!!...
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 18:30


    Room 315 für mich, mag ich darauf. Sehr schön! Read the scripts, I love suspense and psychological thriller plus the title sounds like Room 237, a dark horror movie based on Stephen King's novel
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 18:41


    Room 315, excellent delivery
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 18:51


  • Posted: August 11, 2016 19:10

    KingD'don Nwuju

    ROOM 315. Abosi Ogba I've always known to be a good writer but this time... Guy you did it even better. From the caption to the script itself every line was a Hit #back2backchamps. My vote goes to ROOM 315 BY ABOSI OGBA
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 19:12

    Joyce Clifford

    With the quality of scripts I'm seeing here, Nollywood doesn't look like it's joking anymore. Kudos to the three. But I will pick 'Room 315' anytime. Please just find the right cast.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 19:18


    The three scripts are really nice, bt I would go for Room 315. I love it and would like to cast in it
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 19:24

    Ogba Esther

    In Room 315, the brilliant connection between otherwise totally different characters was legendary! I'm a medic, even though not in psychology dept, and Room 315 has captured my heart.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 19:26


    Rooting for Room 315
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 19:26


    Room 315 is a classic, original and creative, i didn't even know what hit me. Abosi Ogba is the nest Achebe... Kudos boy.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 19:30


    Room 315 tops the list. Great diction.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 19:43


    PASTORPRENUR all the way!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 19:49


    Haaa!! Omo! I'm glad i made it to the top 20 even with a script i typed on my phone just because i wanted to be the first person to submit. Even the ones i farabale typed and arranged on my laptop didn't make it. Shebi this is our site, we can post in any language we like. This is the first indigenous site i've ever seen and i like it. Haaa! 100k e pain me oo but, in Falz's voice "what i will gain is nuh something dah you can purchaze in the market" 1. Free Jollof Rice with Chicken laps. 2. Selfie with Niyi Akinmolayan and Anthony Kehinde Joseph. 3. I'll see "The Arbitration" for free. 4. I'll be trained for free. 5. I'll make new friends. Thanks jare unku Niyi Akinmolayan, we rep ondo together. To all the filmmakers spying on this page...... who you epp?
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 20:00


  • Posted: August 11, 2016 20:43


    Comment Room 315 is a master thriller. Abosi writes from a sphere that transcends both his environment and generation. This is not a run-off-the-mill story, no, it is an all-time, spell-binding story with master plot, intrigue and sequence. I am amazed how he strung all characters into a complex yet understandable web of relationship. Hats off Abosi.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 20:44


  • Posted: August 11, 2016 21:03

    Chucx I Chucx

    Room 315 has my vote
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 21:32

    Mister Mayple

    Room 315.... Kudos to you Niyi for such a brilliant initiative, I'm impressed!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 21:39


    Beautiful, just beautiful! I wish I could choose all three, alas! The salon it is for me. Great script.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 21:49

    Temitayo Adewole Stella

    All the three scripts are superb but I'll go for The Salon.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 21:55

    oladapo Tosin

    Room 315 is d boss...kudos to Abosi ogba
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 22:33


    Room 315 is captivating
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 22:40


    Wow. I love the two other scripts. But take a look again at Room 315. It's a tie breaker for me. Room 315 for shooting. Give Abosi some Jollof rice too. His skill amazes me.
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 22:43


    Room 315, please!!!!
  • Posted: August 11, 2016 22:56


    Pastor Preneur by Phoenix Ifeoma is the dope. What a great script. I vote for her.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 00:01


    Room 315 oooo! Had to go thru that script over and Over again & couldn't really lay my hands on any loosed ends!!! Thumbs Up Abosi!!! Ur doing Great
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 00:21


    Room 315
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 04:32

    Abisola Ogunleye

    Room 315 great job!
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 04:42


    The Salon does it is
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 04:48


    Room 315 it is, captivating and apt.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 06:21


    Nice work, the finalists! But "Room 315" wins not because of its outstanding characterisation, superb plot nor Ogba's perfect play with the form (sript), but his having merged content and form, and his use of irony to create a nexus between the characters. Modern literature thrives in the use of Stream of consciousness, Ogba most efficiently deploys that. Great job!
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 06:23

    John Bosco Smart

    Room 315 is certainly the best.... Ogba abosi is indeed a script writer. The write up is mature and unique.. Good luck bro... Hope to see you at the top.... #teamRoom315
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 06:26


    #Team 'THE SALON'#
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 06:32


    The salon is most preferred....
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 06:33

    Okpe Abraham

    The Salon -The writer did a distinct Professional Job that is rarely to find.let me have your e-mail
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 06:34

    Tariuwa best

    Very creative write ups from all of them but room 315 stands out for me. The intrigue, suspense and D combination of the past and present deserves credit.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 06:59

    kelvin fresh

    Room 315 great script , I will pay to see this movie
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 07:03


    Room 315 is it.Great story.Weldone Abosi!
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 07:14


    The Salon does it is!
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 07:15


    The Salon all the way....
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 07:18

    Henrietta ifyede

    Room 315 is just lit. The Dr stone character was interesting and the entire storylin for a short script is top notch. Abosi ogba is the next big thing.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 07:28

    Oluchi Ezeani

    Room 315 by Abosi Ogba is great. I'll pay to see it in a cinema. Well done, Abosi.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 07:47


    The Salon!
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 07:50


    The salon by Steve is definitely aving my vote....much love my guy
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 07:52


    Room 315 by Abosi Ogba u have my vote waitin to see it in a cinema
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 08:01


    I vote for The Salon oooo. Correct script wey dey burst brain.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 08:06


    The SALON, you killed it.. you know I am very selective and you gave me what I wanted. Nice!!
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 08:15


    Romm 315...I know Abosi to be a very creative writer...can't wait to see his imagination come to reality...Room 315 all the way
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 08:17

    Edmond Akai Ikpe

    Congrats to the last 3 contenders. I will definitely go for Room 315 by Abosi Ogba. A wonderful story that I can't wait to see it on screen... Congrats my hommie.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 08:39

    Ezugwu victor

    Pastorpreneur is just on point it couldn't get any better than that... Thumbs up to Ifeoma u did a superb job
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 08:44


    Surely Room 315 is the best for me. Ogba did a great work.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 08:46

    Clems Onyema lloyd

    Mr. Niyi Akinmolayan please take time to read this: The rules of the competition states: 1. 5 main characters (3males,2females) 2. 1 elderly person (post 40yrs) 3. 1 disabled character 4. 1 character that doesn't talk throughout. 5. Make it sexy, edgy, crazy. 1. THE SALON' - 6 main characters (3males, 3females). - No disabled woman can run a salon all by herself without an assistant. Not real, ask Phoenix. - if something like that happened that day, she would have closed earlier. - Not funny. Not sexy. 2. ROOM 315 - Multiple characters - 4 elderly people (post 40yrs) - 3 females, 3 males - 2 disabled people - Not funny. Not Crazy. 3. PASTORPRENEUR - 8 main characters - 3 elderly people (post 40yrs) - 6 males, 2 females - Not sexy nor edgy. - it is still a comedy skit and the removal of 1 character makes it dry. So in this case, this is a competition that laid down rules. It doesn't matter if the story is good or not, the rules of the competition must be respected because some people could have written an epic if there were no restrictions. Some of the top 17 scripts i went through met the requirements but not well structured. Mr. Anthony Joseph could still pick 1 out of them and restructure it. I believe the aim of the competition is to teach people how script is written to how it is filmed. We look up to you Mr. Niyi, Follow your rules. Ciao!
    • Posted: August 12, 2016 14:44


    • Posted: August 12, 2016 14:45


      Clems, you may have to go through the scripts again. Some of what you pointed out are wrong! Though you were trying to strike a valid point (about abiding by the rules Niyi laid down). That is commendable.
    • Posted: August 12, 2016 14:52


      Clems, you may have to go through the scripts again. Some of what you pointed out are wrong! Though you were trying to strike a valid point (about abiding by the rules Niyi laid down). That is commendable. Now...
    • Posted: August 12, 2016 14:54


      First, THE SALON: had 5 main Characters not 6 like you said. (where did you see the 6th character?) --- 1. the Client(also the good looking young man), 2. Joke(disabled), 3. Teni, 4. Short bald man(40s), and 5. Tall built man(who didn't talk). So who is the third female here. Please read again. Plus, must a "thriller" be funny and sexy?
    • Posted: August 12, 2016 14:58


      Second ROOM 315: 3 females again? Where are you seeing this additional Female Character from? There are only 2 Female Main characters in Room 315. Note that: The FEMALE who served a drink of Water and the MAN at the Hallway in the end are both EXTRAS (Niyi allowed extras so?). Not funny. Not crazy? I don't get. At least it has a psychological edge to it na.
    • Posted: August 12, 2016 14:59


      Then, PASTORPRENEUR: 6 Characters, not eight (the others are Extras). Rules broken? Yeah! But it is a Comedy and Niyi loved it (against all odds). Since when does a Comedy have to be sexy or edgy? What about slapstick? I think you misunderstood what Niyi meant when he said and I quote, "Make it sexy, edgy, crazy, funny (no visual effects or elaborate special effects o). Give me some good drama baby!".
    • Posted: August 12, 2016 15:52


      Then, PASTORPRENEUR: 6 Characters, not eight (the others are Extras). Rules broken? Yeah! But it is a Comedy and Niyi loved it (against all odds). Since when does a Comedy have to be sexy or edgy? What about slapstick?
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 08:46

    Allwell O.

    all the scripts were good but Room 315 stood out... can't wait wait to see it on the big screen.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 08:54


    The Salon was it for me...all the wayyyyyyy
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 08:59

    Boris Nwachukwu

    Room 315 by Abosi Ogba is the best and has my overwhelming support. Great one Abosi. Keep doing great!
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 09:05

    Treasure Okam

    Room315 nailed it....... It is really amazing........can't wait to see this come to reality..... Perfect piece
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 09:17

    John Bosco

    The salon. I love your work keep it up. You're the best.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 09:41


    Room315...dope.. captivating.. Suspense filled.. permit me to say Room315 is for matured minds only... ROOM315 ALL THE WAY!
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 10:09

    Blessing Babatunde Ilesanmi

    Room 315 is the best! I vote for Abosi Ogba!!!
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 10:10

    Miracle Mose

    Love this room@ abosi agba, keep it up, your writing is great am really positive about your writing
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 10:46


    Congrats to the trio. Nice writeup but I will go for " The Salon"
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 11:28


    The Salon
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 12:03

    'Dare Akinwale

    "The Salon" is superb. The kind of show you watch and you're so caught in the suspense and terror of every moment that you sit still, forgetting to breathe until that last shot. Stephen captures an eternity of peoples' lives in few haunting words and loud pictures, and calls the reader/watcher to witness, to support, to participate...
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 12:40

    Tunde Raphael

    Oh I have missed oooo.... Am back again. I must be in this our film oooo. Let me read up.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 12:43

    Daniel Roland

    Keep Flying
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 13:12

    victoria okpara

    room 315 is the best..abosi agba you are good.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 13:17

    Quincy Okereke

    Having gone through the scripts I am not surprised that my script did not make the top twenty because of the rules...about the rules though I think it is flawed considering the number of characters, specifics' of characters...and page count...Kenny am pretty sure you are aware that the title page of a script doesn't count as the first could have said write a 5-9 page script instead of disqualifying a script for being 10pages...ok well having said that I want to say nice work to all the screenwriters' who took part in this epic feet...Room 315 is the winner and best originally written script in the top three...pastorpreneur is a skit and very predictive...the salon is a scene from a Hollywood film reoccurring over again...thanks to niyi for this and Kenny too for the video tutorial you guys writers don connect.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 13:49


    I love 'THE SALON', no doubt.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 14:15


    The salon.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 14:28

    Sambasa Nzeribe

    THE SALON???
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 14:53


    Comment I love THE SALON..ts muah!!!....
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 15:07

    Charity Solomon

    I love room 315,I just couldn't stop reading,it absolutely made my day
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 15:12

    Kingsley Sintim

    Pastorpreneur validates "you can judge a book from the cover" the story is intriguing, comical and delicately written
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 15:15


    THE SALON gets my vote.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 15:27

    ehiem gracious

    I'll definitely go wit "ROOM 315" Nice piece
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 16:05


    I'll go for Pastorpreneur.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 16:11


    Awesome and great.. Room 315
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 16:17


    The Salon! If you guys really considered issues of grammar, then I wonder how Pastorpreneuer made it to the last three. I mean, good story it was, with intrigues. But the punctuating was very poor, coupled with numerous wrong spellings. The Salon wins it for me.
    • Posted: August 13, 2016 05:26


      You took the words right out of my mouth!!! The Salon wins it for me too! Room 315 was great too but The Salon had the extra punch and I would love to see how it will turn out on screen!
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 16:37

    Mark Eloghosa

    The Salon does it for me. Wonderful piece.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 17:24


    The Salon.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 17:43

    opadijo adebisi

    I vote for salon by okonkwo Johnson Stephen
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 18:06


    Room 315 Room 315 and Room 315
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 18:09


    As a Literature-In-English teacher Room 315 has in it all the rudiments of a literary piece. Abosi Ogba has not just a good head but also gifted hands. It's Room 315 for me.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 18:41

    King Elliott

    Room 315. Quality! Where is Abosi from? Can I contact him somehow? Nollywood and Africa better watch out for this awesome screenwriter before he gets snatched. Room 315 isn't something anyone else could have written. This is art!
    • Posted: August 13, 2016 11:58

  • Posted: August 12, 2016 18:54

    Morafa Tobiloba

  • Posted: August 12, 2016 18:55


    definitely THE SALON
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 18:59

    Philip Aigbiriabe

    I vote The Salon by Okonkwo Stephen
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 19:24

    Palmer George

    Abosi's Room 315 is the best of them all..i will love to see this script in a movie
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 20:26

    Benjamin oyom

    Room 315 by abosi ogba did it for me.....nice work bro...kip it up
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 20:30

    Benjamin oyom

    Room 315 by abosi ogba did it for me.....nice work bro...kip it up...looking forward to seeing d movie
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 20:35

    Celestina Chioma

    Wow,pastorprenur is the best, I love the storyline... Its a very interestingand captivating one,articulate and well written....
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 20:45


    Comment *THE SALON#...
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 20:46


    Comment I love THE SALON...
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 20:53

    Orokor Favour

    Room 315 all the way
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 23:00


    I like Pastorprenuer. Great story.
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 23:20


    The salon has my vote
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 23:22


    The salon
  • Posted: August 12, 2016 23:26


    The salon by Okonkwo
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 01:43

    Daniel George

    Room 315 by Abosi. ?
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 06:26

    Adaora Aguolu Okoye

    Amazing storyline@Pastorpreneur....exactly what the Nigerian populace,Africa and the world at large need to watch.Religion is at the heart of problems bedevilling our society. Phoenix Ifeoma has shown by this work that there still exist raw talent in the industry. I would definitely vote for pastorpreneur,as it's storyline ,presentation et all is almost impeccable,and only because nothing is impeccable. Big congratulations to the rock???
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 07:05

    Adaora Aguolu Okoye

    Nice work
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 07:17

    Adaora Aguolu Okoye

    I vote pasterprenual by phonienix ifeaoma
    • Posted: August 13, 2016 08:23

      Danny Nwauzorma

      Haba, its not fair nau.
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 07:41


    Room 315 it is. Thanks
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 07:42


    Room 315 it is. Thank you
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 07:50

    ihuoma Jennifer

    Wow..what an interesting and exciting book ..ROOM 315 is da bomb..keep it up
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 07:51


    I vote for the salon. It is very engaging.
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 08:13


    Room 315 it is for me... Nice story line
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 08:33

    Big Boy

    The Salon is the best
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 09:01


    Room 315
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 09:23


    Room 315 all the way
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 09:46


    "pastorpreneur" is my choice. All the best Phoenix!
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 09:59


  • Posted: August 13, 2016 10:11


    The salon
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 10:14


    The salon by Steven
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 10:18

    Elijah Tobi Obishakin

    Great work guys, the three did it for me but there has to be a winner so Pastorpreneur is a cool comedy scripts, Phoenix got it right. Room 315 is awesome but the ending looks rushed to me and a little confusing but it's a good script. my pick is Pastorpeneur by Phoenix
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 10:52


    I will vote Room 315 over and over again.. ....Room 315 is the bomb!
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 11:49

    Quintessential Danny

    Menh! Room 315 got me longing to see the full scripts with the Suspense and deep thoughtful expressions of each scene. The Flashback effect and fade in's of emotion and satisfactory dialogues. Who said the convo was long.. Smh, that's part of physiotherapist true duty... Room 315 dope. Pastopreneur GATS good humour too and Saloon, but I strongly go with Room 315's reality.
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 12:03


    Room 315 is the bomb!! I couldn't tear my eyes off till the end. Abosi, your writing is off the hook!
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 12:19


    Room 315 by Abosi Ogba... I'd pay any amount to see this.. Great Job bro
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 12:43

    Henry Ntunde

    Captivating storyline. Like I was watchung the drama. Thank you pheonix.
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 12:48

    Henry Ntunde

    Will choose PASTORPRENUER over and over again.
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 13:00


    PASTORPRENUER, beautiful story and ingenius. Seems you know where the story is going but the writer still finds a way to keep you engaged and intreseted. Nice one Ifeome
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 15:22


    Who wrote room 315 seriously Mr Abosi Ogba that work is something else..... Have to say kudos to the other writers but its visible even to the blinds that ROOM 315 is the best of them all.
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 15:31


    Room 315 by Abosi Ogba is the deal, this book is off the shelve and I don't know how anyone can come up with something like that, if not for the name one could have mistaken Abosi to be a hollywood writer (or is he?)... The others did a good job too but Room 315 stole my vote.
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 16:30


    The Salon. Nice piece.
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 18:44

    Young Victor

    Room 315! What a script. It's just beautiful. I pick Room 315 over the other two. And Uncle Niyi, put me inside o. Even if as the extra doctor at the final scene
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 19:25


    Room 315 should win 'cos it's very creative than the remaining 2
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 19:29


    Waow, my vote goes to The Salon. I couldn't take my eyes off till the last letter.
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 22:15


    PASTORPRENEUR ....really good work
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 22:27


    Hard to pick... However I vote THE SALON. It's nt a regular Nigerian script.. And it's time we added new flavors to our stories as Nigerians.. So THE SALON does it for me...
  • Posted: August 13, 2016 23:04


    I'm changing my mind pls.. Room 315..
  • Posted: August 14, 2016 06:00


    Comment Room 315 so captivating, u are the winner Abosi Ogba
  • Posted: August 14, 2016 09:26


    All had their faults but am voting for THE SALON
  • Posted: August 14, 2016 10:51


    Room 315
  • Posted: August 14, 2016 16:43


    The Salon by Okonkwo all the way! Quite engaging. Very upbeat and some wonderful twists. Way to go dude!
  • Posted: August 14, 2016 17:22


    The Salon by Okonkwo Stephen
  • Posted: August 14, 2016 19:26

    victor Gospel

    I love u guys, u are d best
  • Posted: August 14, 2016 21:05

    Stella McDaniel's

    well done to the three writers but my vote goes to room 315--Abosi Ogba you're the guy keep it up.
  • Posted: August 15, 2016 05:53

    Amaka Nwaka

    I just love the simplicity of language in Pastorpreneur, and also its something we can relate to.. That's what we see most pastors do here in Africa. The script does a good job at mirroring the society.
  • Posted: August 15, 2016 12:12


    My vote goes for 315
  • Posted: August 15, 2016 18:47

    A Nairalander Wins N100k In The Niyi Akinmolayan Script Writing Contest (Photos) – appeNin

    […] So guys, expect to see Room 315 in the big screen real soon, you can download the top 20 scripts @ […]
  • Posted: August 15, 2016 23:07


    My vote is for "Room 315"
  • Posted: August 17, 2016 09:16


    I vote for "Room 315"
  • Posted: May 14, 2017 02:42

    Abraham Asaph

    i vote for "the salon"